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About Us

Bridging the Gap From Strain Development and Commercial Scale Production

Sainc Biotech offers end-to-end fermentation and downstream processing services, from lab and pilot to commercial scale, to start-ups and large corporations around the world, particularly in North America and Europe, in the food and beverage, nutrition, renewable materials, cosmetics and other yet-to-be-discovered markets.

Sainc offers ‘scale-up’ clients the expertise and equipment they need to improve yield, lower costs and manufacture product for commercial testing at reduced wait-times and offers clients with greater production needs large-scale cost competitive manufacturing capacity.

Sainc’s stellar scientific advisory board works with our leadership to help us build upon the best science available to deliver the highest quality, nature-based products.

Our Services

Full-Suite Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization Services in Microbial Fermentation From Lab and Pilot to Commercial Scale

Process Development

Strain testing and feedback in conditions replicating commercial manufacturing

Technology Transfer

Efficient tech transfer from lab to
commercial scale

Fermentation Scale-Up

Optimization of fermentation conditions to lift yield and decrease costs

Downstream Processing Optimization

Expertise and equipment for better,
cheaper purification


Sainc Biotech has a dedicated precision fermentation facility in Spain, operated by its fully-owned subsidiary BioXytol, and is developing further facilities and production capacity for the European and North American markets.

In the food ingredient sector, Sainc Biotech, using proprietary technology, is developing low-calorie fermented natural sweetener production plants in Europe, and is also exploring development possibilities in other territories.

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